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Trainer Tips - What to Eat & When

Breakfast with Benny

'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day'.... I believe this to be true. Follow the rule of high protein, low carb and high healthy fats and you will be starting the day the best way possible.

The high protein element will keep you fuller longer, helping avoid any mid-morning snacking. The fats from the steak and egg yolks will provide a slow and steady rise in blood sugar level. This breakfast will increase dopamine and acetyl-choline levels, which will help improve concentration.

Pineapple and Lemon water - To help aid digestion.

Lunch with Aidan

Lunch consists of a balance of high protein, moderate healthy fats and green veggies. We keep carbs low at lunch as we are looking to place them nearer to the workout.

We have a good amount of protein from the chicken breast to keep us in an anabolic state and moderate amount of healthy fats from the avocado to provide additional energy until our next meal. Greens are a great source of fiber which will aid the digestive system. I prefer Broccoli as it makes me feel slightly fuller.

Pre-workout with Josh

The pre-workout meal should be an easily digestible meal. The last thing you want is a heavy meal in your stomach trying to go down while you train.

I simply go for protein oats for this meal. The whey is fast to digest and primes my body with an adequate amount of protein in my bloodstream, ready to be delivered to my working muscles during training. Oats are slow release carbohydrates. The carbs will help fuel my session by gradually providing energy. Stay away from high GI (sugary) carbs pre-workout as your insulin levels will spike and soon crash during the session.

Intra-workout with Lezlie

While you are training, your muscles are in a perfect position to absorb nutrients. I choose to use essential amino acids over BCAA's. BCAA's contain the amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and Valine) that prevent muscle protein breakdown, but will not increase muscle protein synthesis, unlike essential Amino acids which does exactly that.

Glycofuse is a special carbohydrate product that is absorbed in to your blood stream incredibly fast, meaning muscle glycogen can be replenished within minutes, allowing muscular recovery almost instantly. The glycofuse will also help transport the muscle building nutrients from the essential amino acids to the working muscles faster.

Post workout with Simon

A lean protein source will aid protein synthesis and be absorbed faster. Fats will slow down absorption rates of the protein, so I will avoid fattier proteins such as steak, salmon and whole eggs post workout and go for the lean meats (chicken, turkey, white fish).

To further replenish muscle I use a faster absorbing carbohydrate such as white rice. Again, post workout your muscles are still primed to absorb these carbs to replenish glycogen stores.

Dinner with Jon

For the last meal of the day, I am a big believer of high protein and high healthy fats. I will opt for a fattier protein such a Salmon Salmon which contains a good level of protein and healthy fats. When we sleep, we care going through a period of not eating for 6-8 hours... The fats from this last meal of the day will slow down the absorption rates of the protein, meaning a slower release in to the body throughout the night, which in turn will help avoid catabolism (eating away at muscle).

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