• Joshua Li

5 things that led to leo's result

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1. Repetitive Exercise Selection. When progressing through phases of a training program, we can opt for simple variations of exercises every 3rd or 4th week, objective to still stimulate the same muscle group but teach clients a new variation to do so. A simple example would be Flat DB Press to a Flat Bench Press. After 4 weeks, we kept Leo’s program the same for another 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, it was evident that Leo struggled with coordination, balance and stability. Providing him with a repetitive program utilising only machine and isolation work saw better progressions in terms of load. When building muscle, progressing the load on lifts Leo can perform was the priority. A beginner who needed repetition to master the basic movement patterns.

2. Additional Arm Training. Leo was training 2x per week at ONE, we used these sessions to focus on full body. Full body does suggest arm work, but given I have 2 hours to spend with him per week, there was only 3 sets designated per week for Biceps and Triceps. The rest of the sets distributed between on quads, hamstrings, chest (indirect tricep work) and back (indirect bicep work). Leo’s best developed muscle group was his chest, to balance out, we needed more arm growth. I set Leo a simple Bicep Tricep training program with 6 sets each per bicep and tricep. Leo managed this 2x per week in his home gym so our total frequency including for bicep and tricep was 18 sets per week (2 training sessions with me and 2 training sessions on his own.

3. Family Man. Leo is married and a father of two kids. This is to be considered and we spoke about how to incorporate the food they as a family eat on a daily basis and our goal of getting abs. Firstly, I train his wife so this was great. I spoke with her and we agreed that I would simply set them both the same diet plan. All I did was set the different portions for their protein source’s and gave Leo additional carbs due to his weight/bodyfat and training frequency.

4. Cardio. Setting Leo up for cardio was not a problem. Some client’s can take cardio as a chore, Leo however was running every week before we worked for a photoshoot. Leo had the Nike App which tracks his runs and he would run outdoors for 30-40minutes. For him, he enjoyed the new lease of a fitter lifestyle running weekly. He even went onto to partake in a 10k charity run!

5. Food Photo’s. I required Leo to send me food photo’s especially on weekends. I know that with a set meal plan Monday – Friday, the portions and choices were good. Food photos were a mental help for Leo to send me and me give him the thumbs up. It gives a reward system, to Leo it was a meal on plan achieved and his trainer acknowledging the consistency. For weekends Leo, his wife and kids would eat out, so food photo’s helped me clarify whether the instructed smart choice when dining out, was smart choices or not. Doing this weekend after weekend educated Leo on what was the right portion. Accountability is essentially what the food photo’s provide and us as trainers providing relevant feedback for client’s to learn from.

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