• Joshua Li

5 things that led to irene's result

1. Lifting weights.

Irene was boxing 3 times a week but had not made any changes in her body shape. She came to me after recommendation of one of her friends and had a goal of body transformation. Weight training is needed to elicit muscle growth and this applies for females just as much as male. Irene’s lifts are very impressive for someone training 1-2 years. She is able to deadlift 80kg for 8. She can hip thrust 100kg for 10. This shows not only her strength, but she has had friends compliment her glute and legs since weight training.

2. Cardio Plan.

Into the later stages on a fat loss phase, cardio is your tool to further increase calorie output. Irene is very determined so giving any cardio plan, I knew she would stick to it. She opted for running outdoors as there is a nice running path near her home. This worked great initially, until she was coming into training with knee pain. We switched outdoor runs for brisk walk on an incline treadmill as her cardio. This eased the impact on her knee’s and her knee pain went away. It meant we were able to have her doing cardio pain-free and also able to execute exercises with full knee flexion. It proved to be the simplest yet smartest switch.

3. Understanding her work life.

Training general population for body transformations requires an understanding of how the client lives their life. Irene is a self-confessed workaholic. As a coach, this worked in my favour prepping her for a photoshoot. Many clients suffer during their fat loss phase, unable to deal with hunger and snacking through boredom. With no work boredom, I had the opposite problem, I had to get Irene to make and eat regular meals during her busy days. I created a diet plan which was low volume and easy to prep allowing her to eat quickly during a busy work day. We set her a low volume meal plan of 1100kcal for Mon – Fri. On communication, she had no hunger signals and found the meals enough to fit in her busy day. The low calorie meal plan lead Monday – Friday allowed for…..

4. Containing Irene at the Weekend.

Monday to Friday expect Irene to work solidly through the day with minimal rest. Irene’s weekend life was sociable and filled with enjoyment. Champagne brunches and fancy meals out was her way of ending the week. With the 1100kcal noted in point 3, it allowed me (initially) to place her calories at 1700kcal for Saturday, Sunday. During the fat loss period, Irene could enjoy the extra 600 calories at a brunch or dinner out. This was an important factor in Irene’s adherence to the diet plan. At 1100kcal x5 days and 1700kcal x2 days, her weekly average calories were 1270kcal per day.

5. Learning to count calories.

I got Irene into home cooking, weighing food, learning to prep her own meals. We used the MyFitnessPal app and educated her on how to use it. The photoshoot was booked with an 8-week window and in that time, I had considerations for her weekend. For the first 5 weeks I allowed brunch’s, dinners out and alcohol 1-2 times per week given she tracks EVERYTHING. This requires discipline from the client and a coach’s trust that the client is able to eyeball and be honest with her food diary. I was 100% sure of this as we had been doing it for over 1 year photoshoot.

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