• Joshua Li

5 Things Johannes’ did to achieve his Result

Quick Stats

Timeframe: 15 weeks

Body Fat%: 18.4% to 10%

Body Weight: 87.9kg to 77.1kg

1. Weight training with proper form. Johannes was not new to weight training when he first came to me, however, there were many bad habits he had accumulated from training without proper guidance. Being an extremely tall individual meant very long limbs that resulted in awkward leverages. In general, simple movements were more difficult and were consequently done incorrectly. Luckily for Johannes there was no pain with the movements we worked with, and through a technique block, a lot of the pre-existing form issues were fixed. I ensured that any separate workouts I prescribed him included only exercises that he had familiarity with.

2. Diet plan flexibility. Johannes came having been given a diet plan from his previous trainer that required him to have 5 meals a day. This was a challenge firstly due to the fact that it was too strict since all the meals were written out ingredient by ingredient. Further, the diet consisted solely of chicken breast as its protein source which led to Johannes feeling sick of it due to the lack of flexibility. As a result, I had Johannes stick to a simple protein minimum intake, a calorie maximum, and educated him on the options regarding lean protein sources. This allowed to choose foods he wanted to eat, and cook it the way he desired. In order to utilise this strategy successfully, I had to get him to masterfully use a calorie tracking app.

3. Learning to use MyFitnessPal. Johannes had close to no experience using this app and once this was introduced, I quickly added him as a friend and had the diary sharing setting turned on. The first few days consisted of having to monitor his diary daily, and we fixed some mistakes such as using the cooked weight instead of raw and not taking into account cooking oil. Over time he truly mastered using the app and is now better at estimating food when he eats out.

4. Cardio plan. Johannes had never tracked his steps prior to coming to ONE, and once I figured that he had never done so, we made sure to get onto it straight away. We checked his iPhone’s health app for his average step count over the past month, and made sure to keep that number constant. Over the following weeks and months, we gradually raised this figure to ensure he was getting enough non-exercise activity calorie expenditure.

5. Keeping him accountable. We made sure that Johannes meticulously tracked his water intake, steps, sleep, macros, and total calories as best as possible, and followed up with fortnightly pictures and body fat measurements using callipers. Any time either the weight, pictures, or body fat measurements pointed towards a gain in fat, we’d look at all the variables and make adjustments if necessary. One key adjustment was lowering his weekday calories given he liked to eat more on weekends which were leading to his weight spikes the following week.

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