• Joshua Li

5 things jeff did to achieve his result

1- Resistance Training.

Jeff has always trained weights but never did he quite grasp the concept of mind to muscle connection. Upon his consultation he made it clear that he wanted to build muscle, and get strong. Looking at his physique from the early stages I knew that he had a good foundation that we could really build on. We came to the conclusion to start a 6 week mini-cut to get him as lean as possible before the muscle building phase. During the 6 week process, Jeff trained with me 3 times a week with minimal cardio. We ramped up cardio in the very last week. Jeff not only got leaner but stronger, hitting new PB’s in all his big compound lifts such as the Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift. All exercises we put great detail into feeling every single rep correctly which he lacked before training with me.

2- Tracking Macros

With a very busy work schedule, a specific diet plan wasn’t the answer for Jeff as he travelled often and had to get food on the go. Jeff is also a husband and father of 2 boys which required him to have dinner with his family quite often. I introduced the flexible dieting approach as the easiest way for him to stay on track. Jeff used the ‘myfitnesspal’ app as a tool to track his daily caloric intake making sure he hits his carbs, fats, and protein target consistently. This method worked a treat and Jeff dropped 2% body fat within the first week and started seeing great results very early on. When things started to slow down or plateau I would simply adjust his macros by chipping away his carb intake, but keeping fats and protein consistent throughout.

3- Having a Game Plan

With only 6 weeks to get Jeff as lean as possible it was important for us to stick to the plan with 100% compliancy everyday. I would check in with Jeff everyday and make sure he sends me pictures of every meal. Caliper measurements were done once a week and I would get Jeff to track his weight every morning so we would have a weekly average to work from and making sure the number is going down at a steady rate. Jeff dropped 4 kilos and 6% body fat over the 6 weeks.

4- Sleep

Sleep has always been an issue for Jeff, and he would only get an average of 4 hours of sleep a night which is not optimal for recovery if our goal is fat loss and building muscle tissue. Performance in the gym would also suffer if sleep wasn’t addressed so I gave Jeff a few tips to improve on his sleep. We started with a few pre bed routines such as; no phone 30mins before bed, and/or stretching and reading before bed also turned out to be very effective. By implementing these routines, Jeff’s sleep gradually improved. Within the 3rd week Jeff’s sleep was averaging between 6-7 hours of sleep per night, optimal for muscle recovery and fat loss.

5- Programming

I split Jeff’s program into 3 phases, spending 2 weeks on each phase. We trained a full body split 3x per week with the GBC (German Body Composition) method. Phase 1 consisted of upper lower supersets focusing on the big compound lifts in the A) and B) series in the 8-10 rep range making sure we get stronger week to week on these exercises. As the workout progresses we start incorporating isolation movements and increasing reps for metabolic stress and driving blood into the target muscle. Each phase I would ramp up the intensity by increasing volume and adding in intensity techniques such as drop sets, slower eccentrics and less rest periods.

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