• Joshua Li

5 things Brian did to achieve his result

1. Meal Prepping:

Dining out was almost a daily thing for Brian. He had little to no experience in dieting for fat loss, let alone counting calories. Brian was someone who worked well with structure so instead of asking him to count calories and track all his food, Brian was comfortable following a meal plan that I prescribed. I split his total calorie allowance into 3 main meals and supplemented with one or two protein shakes. Fortunately, Brian had a helper who would cook all is meals so there was concern with him not getting his food in. He also would stick to this plan and not binge or snack on other items allowing him to consistently be on a caloric deficit.

2. Full Body Workouts:

Brian trained with me 3 x per week. All sessions were full body workouts which consisted of upper and lower body workouts combined together. Research shows that hitting muscle groups more regularly has proven to have more muscle growth. Along with the full body workouts we prioritised training shoulders more regularly as it was one of his weak points he wanted to bring up.

3. Understanding the importance of energy expenditure and its role in fat loss:

Brian was one of the most compliant clients I’ve worked with. His adherence to his set diet plan was phenomenal hence the great results. However, there were times throughout our journey his weight loss would plateau. The diet plan given to Brian placed him at a 300 caloric deficit and the longer we dieted the greater the deficit became. I did not lower his food much more but what I did to create a larger energy expenditure was to introduce some cardio into his plan. Along with the daily minimum step count of 10,000 steps I also added in 3 days of cardio which included 45mins of slow steady state walking.

4. Prioritising sleep and recovery:

Being a father of two, Brian managed his sleep quite well. He made sure he would get at least 6-8 hours of proper sleep in per day. To assist his sleep I he would take 5g of Melatonin 20 minutes every night before bed. Other factors that aided his sleep was that Brian made sure he would not be on his phone, watching TV or using his computer 45 mins before bed time. Instead, during this time Brian would switch off and read a book. We understood that having good rest and recovery helped a lot in fat loss as elevated cortisol and stress levels will hinder Brian progress in the gym and outside.

5. Adhering to plan whilst travelling regularly:

There would be a week of every month where Brian would travel for work. Whether or not he was travelling or on the go Brian would still stick to his diet plan. When staying at Hotels he would still order foods that was appropriate. He would make sure he hit his minimum amount of protein. Brian would pack protein powders and snacks like almonds and protein bars to every trip. Sometimes we knew that eating out and away from home is difficult. But Brian made sure he planned ahead of schedule. He would look at the menu before he ordered food. If it was a dish with lots of sauces he would ask for the sauces to be placed on the side. Brian exemplifies a great client that is very committed and has a attitude that is willing to learn and change for the better.

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