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1. Getting back into the gym

Ankush came to ONE with good knowledge in weight training and diet, so it was a matter of just giving him direction in what goals we could set out for him. He took a few months out from PT but trained himself frequently but with no proper structure. We devised a well thought out strength program along with a diet plan to get Ankush right back on track again. With a busy work schedule, it was important to make sure that the diet was tailored to make things easy to follow. Based on Ankush’s past training experience, I knew we only needed 6 weeks max to whip Ankush back in shape again if things were followed accordingly.

2. Programming

Ankush trained 3x per week plus one weight session on his own. Each session at ONE was a full body session while each session started with strength focused movement such as the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. We made sure that we were progressing in weight in each of these lifts and we had to ensure that we kept lifting heavy so that we could preserve as much muscle tissue as possible while on a calorie deficit which was very successful. Here is what Ankush managed to achieve within 6 weeks:

Bench Press

Week 1: 50kg x6

Week 6: 70kg x6


Week 1: 75kg x6

Week 6: 90kg x6


Week 1: 80kg x6

Week 6: 105kg x6

3. Diet and Macro Setting

With experience in tracking macronutrients, it was very easy for Ankush to follow his diet especially when there were times when he needed to eat out. Even though Ankush had the flexibility to eat anything that fits into his macronutrient profile, he still ate the same thing everyday so that he had structure. Food was prepared twice a week and while there were times he had to eat out, he would save the meals for the following day. In terms of his calories, we started the diet off with 1800kcal, and this was consistent throughout the 6 weeks as we used cardio as a tool whenever that were weeks we plateaued.

4. Periodisation

To get as lean as possible in 6 weeks I periodised Ankush’s steps and cardio. Instead of giving Ankush a ton of cardio and steps right from the start, we started with short cardio sessions and 8000 steps per day in week 1. Reason for this is because in case of plateau this would give us room to increase cardio and steps rather than playing all our cards at once right from week 1. Here is an example of what Ankush’s cardio and steps looked like week to week.

Week 1: 300 LISS Cardio / 8000 Steps

Week 2: 350 LISS Cardio / 9000 Steps

Week 3: 400 LISS Cardio / 10000 Steps


5. Peak Week

Ankush got very lean pretty quickly, and we managed to get down to 8% body fat by week 5. In order for Ankush to come in looking as full and as lean as possible for shoot day there were a few things we had to get right on the final week. As we went pretty low carb I slowly introduced carbs back into his diet to fill up glycogen stores. This would give him a bigger and fuller look on shoot day. Sodium and water intake were kept consistent throughout peak week. Ankush came into the photoshoot looking peeled and full and its safe to say that we got Ankush in the best shape of his life. Ankush continues to weight train and we are currently in the process of adding some good quality tissue on his frame.

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