• Joshua Li

4 things Oliver did to achieve his amazing result

“One hand cannot clap.” It goes without saying that an amazing body re-composition transformation cannot be done only with an understanding trainer but also a client with multiple qualities which promote a result that leaves no stone unturned. With Oliver’s case, beneath the picture of him looking absolute incredible, there are 5 things he did that made the transformation possible.

Training intensity

How many times you have seen someone been around at the gym for years and yet to see any remarkable result or any result at all? We all know that guy who builds a stronger thumb than anything. Training intensity is one of the crucial factors which determines if the client was onto something great. Muscle growth can be put very simple: stimulus and nutrition combined, with consistency. Muscle will only be built when necessary since they are metabolically way more expensive than fat tissue, in another word, muscle is a luxury to the body that is why it requires you to put your body to uncomfortable level of stress to initiate the process of building new muscle tissues. The more intense the stress is, the more muscle tissues your body would need to produce to handle this stress. Oliver comes into the gym with eyes on the gold every single time, pushing himself to a level that he hadn’t been the previous training, this is no coincidence that he has built over 2kg of muscle WHILST losing fat in this 12 weeks journey.


Muscle would not be built after one hero session training like The Rock, one meal of chicken breast and broccoli also would not get you a perfect six pack. Sorry if I burst any bubbles there but good news is both things with consistency will surely get your result. Oliver stuck with his training schedule throughout the whole process without missing one training despite Hong Kong well known hectic work schedule. Oliver had hit his nutrition target day in and day out with daily check in with his trainer, making sure things were going according to plan. This is hands down one of the essential elements that nourished such spectacular result.

Willingness of change

Same as many of our new comers, there will be things that our trainers would recommend to adjust after the initial session after getting to know about the client’s lifestyle, diet and habit etc. Oliver was not a single bit reluctant when it comes to suggestions or approaches that he was not familiar with. Giving his trust in his trainer ends up paying off. Willingness to try new things is great quality when it comes to 12 weeks transformation since exposing yourself to new and sometimes uncomfortable environment is necessary for a better change.

Bury himself with enthusiasm

Training and dieting can feel like a chore and hardship at times BUT you can also see it as mandatory steps you have to take for the better. Oliver loves self-improvement, Oliver appreciates taking on challenges with a passion, be like Oliver. We strongly believe that your mindset determines how far you go down this road of character building journey with things you might not enjoy at first which develops you as a person as well as your physique.

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