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Jamee's (40) Journey To 11% Revealed



Jamee grew up as an athlete, and played high level collegiate sports. Although as he hit 40, he found that his physique had depreciated and he had accumulated a large belly from a poor diet and inconsistent exercise regime. He had some experience in the gym but had never practiced proper programming.

Jamee wanted to train with me twice a week, but I knew that he needed to be weight training a lot more often than that. So I wrote him 2 other workouts that he would complete by himself. His weight training split was:

OnePT Workout A: PUSH GBC

OnePT Workout B: PULL GBC

Solo Workout A: Upper A

Solo Workout B: Upper B

In the first phase of Jamee’s training, I made sure that we nailed down the basics and developed strong fundamentals around the prime exercises. I trained him on a PUSH and PULL GBC program when he came into OnePT in order to maximize the efficiency of fat loss. This also allowed me to get him to stimulate every important muscle group multiple times throughout the week. Some of his most notable progressions from his Phase 1 are listed below (10 week training block):

Elevated Split Squat: 15 inch front foot elevation at BW x 12 reps TO 5 inch front foot elevation at 12.5kg x 12 reps

Goblet Squat: Heel elevation at 10kg x 12 reps TO No Heel elevation at 27.5kg x 12 reps

When I progressed Jamee onto Phase 2, we incorporated heavier compound movements and more total volume. He now performed the Flat BB Bench Press instead of the DB Press and the BB Squat instead of the Goblet Squat. He progressed from a training volume of A1/A2 – B1/B2 – C1/C2 – D1/D2 to A1/A2 – B1/B2 – C1/C2/C3 – D1/D2 (high reps). So there was an addition of a tri set in the C series, and a significant increase in reps done in the D series (burnout). Despite being on a caloric deficit, Jamee still achieved progressive overload in this phase which contributed to his overall muscle development and fat loss:

Flat BB Bench Press: 45kg to 62kg (for 12x3)

BB Squat: 40kg to 60kg (for 12x3)

Once Jamee had reached about 14% body fat, I knew that his fat loss progression was on a role due to his consistency in his diet and cardio regime. So I reduced the amount of leg training in his program, and added an extra series of upper body training in order to fill out his “photoshoot muscles” more. I wanted him to have a fuller chest and broader shoulders by the time of the shoot, so I used this extra room to add in various isolations such as the Cable Fly, DB Side Lateral, Bradford Press, and Tricep Extensions.


For the first 2 weeks I didn’t request for Jamee to do any cardio. I only asked that he complete his 4 resistance based workouts and hit at least 10,000 steps per day. He was already dropping weight by practicing these things.

By the middle part of Phase 1 (about a month into training), we started to incorporate 2 LISS cardio sessions and 1 HIIT session. Over the weeks we slowly added in more volume to his cardio, whilst making sure that he was still able to perform well in the gym despite being on a caloric deficit.

By the near end of his transformation, Jamee was doing cardio 6x per week: x2 HIIT cardio (10m) and x4 LISS cardio (30m). I prioritized the LISS cardio over HIIT as Jamee did not have a problem losing stubborn belly fat, in fact his fat loss was quite linear. The goal was to have him keep burning calories, whilst still being able to retain as much muscle mass as possible going into the shoot.

An example of the LISS sessions I assigned Jamee:

Total Time: 45m

Machine: Elliptical

Resistance Level: 75%

Speed: 6km/h


Total Time: 15m

Machine: Assault Bike

RPM: hold at 50-70


I started off Jamee eating at 1600kcal per day, with the following macros:

Protein: 190g

Carbs: 120g

Fats: 40g

At about 8 weeks out to his photoshoot, I put Jamee on Nutrition Kitchen as it would make his food tracking much more accurate and food selection less mindful. We also changed up the calories on certain days. He was now doing a High Carb Day 2x per week (when he trained with me) and Low Carb the rest of the week.

High Carb Day:


Oats (45g)

Whey Protein (1/2 scoop)


Nutrition Kitchen


Nutrition Kitchen


Protein Bar

Strawberries (250g)

Rice Cakes (x8)

Low Carb Day:


Whole Egg (x2)

Egg Whites (x5)


Nutrition Kitchen


Nutrition Kitchen


Whey Protein (1 scoop)

Blueberries (110g)

Egg Whites (x3)

Jamee practiced morning fasting (not quite IF) every day as it fit his work schedule well. He would have his first meal at about 10am, then consume his Nutrition Kitchen lunch at about 1pm before he came in to train with me. I made Jamee save his fruits and protein bar for the evening when he got home, as I knew that he got cravings in the late night. Calorie saving and redistribution is an primal part of a fat loss diet!

Jamee drank 500ml of water first thing in the morning and consumed a total of 3L per day for the first few weeks. By the near end of his transformation, I had Jamee drinking about 5L per day. He utilized BCAA’s and diet sodas to satiate his sweet cravings, as well as help increase his total fluid intake.

Luckily, Jamee had no medical issues so his supplementation was fairly straightforward:

Multi vitamin

Fish Oil


In the last week before his shoot I made a few changes. I had Jamee consume 1500mg of dandelion root extract to help him expel any excess water bloat and achieve a “drier more vascular” look. We also included Vitamin C tablet to keep his immune system in check as he fought through the low calories.

On the shoot day I gave Jamee the following instructions (all before 9am shoot):

-Less than 500ml of water consumed

-x1 snickers bar

-x1 handful of gummy bears

I wanted to get some simple sugars into his system in order to help him get a good pump in the gym later on, but without filling out his gut and bloating him.


Jamee had some pretty big life changes going on during the time of his transformation training…he was promoted to a head position at his bank and was expecting his second child (he already had a 1-year-old). Despite all of these extra commitments which included longer and more stressful hours in the office, and all his down time spent with his new child and pregnant wife at home, Jamee never veered off from the plan. He was diligent with getting his training and cardio sessions in. I taught Jamee how to portion foods when he had to go out to eat with clients, and I went over the menu of the restaurants he would be eating at every time in order to give him guidance on what and what not to eat. There were a few days where he ate over calories, but we just practiced macro/caloric rollover to counteract those surplus days (that is essentially just subtracting the surplus of calories from one day into the next; the weekly caloric balance ends up being the same).

Jamee’s second child was planned to be born just 3 days after his photoshoot at OnePT so it was all timed perfectly! It would have not only been an inconvenience, but also an unideal situation for Jamee to still be dieting whilst his family was welcoming his second child into the world.

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