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Over 40 & 11%... Jason's Game Plan Revealed


When I first met Jason, he explained to me that he had already been working out for years but had struggled to find the right guidance to give him consistent results. He still wanted to train mostly by himself, and requested to meet with me just 1x per week. As a coach, I knew that this was going to be challenging as it's harder to gauge a client’s progress when they see you so seldom. Nonetheless I devised a plan for us to reach his goal, and created an extensive online program for him to follow.

I wrote Jason 3 different workouts to complete by himself.

Workout A: UPPER

Workout B: FULL BODY

Workout C: ARMS + ABS

When we trained at OnePT, I made sure that Jason was clear on how to perform all of the assigned exercises with perfect form. Each workout included at least 2 free weight compound movements at the start, but the majority of the workout was comprised of various machines that we did not have available at OnePT. This was done to make full use of the extensive equipment he had available in his commercial gym, that were also easier to complete with good form (without me being there). It also allowed him to get more total volume in, as it was easier to do supersets and manipulate weight.

The rep schemes were usually about 12-15, with a few sets to failure at the end of the workouts.

I trained Jason using a GBC program when he came into OnePT in order to maximize efficiency of fat loss. I picked 3 upper body and 3 lower body exercises that I would pick apart and perfect his form, whilst exerting him as much as possible within the session and still focusing on progressive overload.

Upper: Incline Bench Press / Assisted Pull-Ups / DB Shoulder Press

Lower: BB RDL / Trap Bar Deadlift / DB Walking Lunge

Over the weeks of us training together, Jason still managed to achieve progressive overload despite being in a caloric deficit. Some of the most notable strength increases are listed below:

BB RDL: 30kg to 45kg (for 12x3)

Incline Bench Press: 50kg to 60kg for (10x3)

Assisted Pull-Ups: 100lbs assist to 80lbs assist for (10x3)


For the first 4 weeks, I had Jason doing just 10m of HIIT cardio post workout 3x per week, and a 20m LISS session 1x per week.

Over the weeks we slowly added in more volume to his cardio, whilst making sure that he was still able to perform well in the gym despite being on a caloric deficit. By the near end of his transformation, Jason was doing cardio 6x per week: x3 HIIT cardio (10m) and x3 LISS cardio (30m).

For the HIIT sessions, we utilized both the assault bike and bodyweight exercises. An example of this would be:


Burpees (30s)

Jumping Squat (30s)

High Knees (30s)

Mountain Climbers (30s)

Complete each exercise back to back going as hard as you can. Once you’ve completed 1 circuit, rest for 1-2m, then repeat 2 more times.


I started off Jason eating at 1550kcal per week, with less than 100g of carbs and over 180g of protein. We stuck to the same meal plan for most of the time as we saw very linear progression.


Oats + Whey Protein

(slow digesting carbs in the morning to keep him satiated until lunchtime, and a quick hit of protein first thing in the morning in order to keep protein synthesis high)

Lunch / Dinner

Lean meat + Vegetables

(this meal equated to 350kcal, and had options to choose the type of meat/vegetables. All foods were weighed out raw in advance before cooking)


Fat Free Greek Yogurt + Protein Bar + Fruits + Whey Protein

I gave Jason flexibility to time his meals to however best it fit his own working schedule, as adherence is the most important factor when it comes to fat loss. The only specific instructions I gave him was to eat the protein bar 30m before he trained in order to give him a small energy boost. He also consumed the scoop whey protein straight after training.

I instructed Jason to drink 500ml of water first thing after waking up. And he had to consume a total of 3L per day. By the near end of his transformation, I had Jason drinking about 5L per day.

Luckily, Jason had no medical issues so his supplementation was fairly straightforward:

Multi vitamin

Fish Oil


In the last week before his shoot I made a few changes. I had Jason consume 1500mg of dandelion root extract to help him expel any excess water bloat and achieve a “drier more vascular” look. We also included Vitamin C tablet to keep his immune system in check as he fought through the low calories.


Jason’s biggest challenge was being able to stick to his diet with his 2 young kids and wife, whom he ate meals with often. He would have to prep his own meals and eat much different foods to them every night when they were at home. The weekends were tough for Jason as he had obligations to take his family out, and see them eat delicious foods whilst he was deprived!

Luckily Jason wasn’t a big drinker and didn’t have many work events to attend, although he did have to travel twice during his transformation program! One time was for work, but the other time was a week trip back to Canada for his brothers bachelor party celebration. He was going to be staying in a rented villa with a few of his buddy's, who would be basically drinking and partying all week, and there was no access to a gym. I gave Jason 3 different types of home bodyweight HIIT workouts that he could complete in 20m each time. These were the instructions I gave him for eating:

-Practice intermittent fasting (try to skip the breakfast and hold onto the fast as late into the day as possible, so as to save more calories for nighttime and not to stimulate the appetite too early).

-Try to avoid the carbs and eat mostly meat and veggies

-Keep snacking to a bare minimum

-Drink in moderation, but go for spirits with diet sodas

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