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Are These The Reasons You Can’t Get Lean?

How often do you see people setting a goal to get lean and how many of them actually follow through. Many trainees fall short of their fat loss goals. Here are five common reasons why people fail to get lean. Avoid these and be sure to see progress.

Your Diet Starts Tomorrow

You should know by now that fat loss is always a nutrition problem. Take some time to learn about proper nutrition. For those who already have an understanding of what proper nutrition looks like, one of the biggest reasons that they fail at losing fat is because they don’t apply the knowledge they have learnt.

You can weigh all the food you want, calculate all the macros, calories, micros, resting metabolic rates and whatever else you want to calculate, but those numbers are mean nothing if you never start you diet. How often do we hear people say “I’ll start next week”. Then Monday comes around and instead of starting your diet you decide you need a little more time to prepare.

The next thing you know it’s been a month or two since you decided to start your diet regime. Even worse, you’re even fatter than you were originally. Don’t fall into this trap. Start now! Don’t procrastinate. The biggest mistake is that you never start!

Lack of Consistency

Results will come from making steady progress day in day out inside and outside of the gym for an extended period of time. Getting lean, takes time. It doesn’t ’t happen overnight. It should be measured in months perhaps years. Plan out your diet and your program and focus on improving and getting stronger overtime. Most importantly you must be consistent.

There are so many programs available online and we see trainees changing workouts week to week. Instead of copying the next Ronnie Coleman workout stick to the basics and focus on getting stronger overtime. By doing this consistently you will see more gains and improvement to not only your training but also your physique.

Train consistently over the long haul with consistent nutrition strategy instead of running yourself into the ground trying to copy the hardest workout out there.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol is a red light when it comes to fat loss. Alcohol itself has seven calories per gram, making it more calorie dense than carbohydrates and proteins. It has zero value to your diet. They are what we call empty calories. All it does is add unnecessary calories and stress to your diet.

If your goal is to get a six pack stay focused on your goals and don’t let your bad decisions hinder your progress!

Lack of Progression

Another huge reason why people fail to get results is they fail to make any progress to their training and nutrition once they plateau. In training it is vert common for people to get comfortable and not make any improvements.

This occurs from the following two reasons:

1. Too much volume/intensity - the current work you are doing is exceeding your recovery capacity and simply cannot adapt to that training stimulus.

2. Not enough intensity/volume - this is where lack of progressive overload comes into place.

If you are not doing enough you have accommodated the current amount of stress that you are imposing on your body during resistance training. Its not just adding weight to the bar, increasing amount of stress you’re exposing to your musculature system through external load, resistance and tension in your training.

Stimulus or stress (ie squats) needs to be disruptive enough to challenge the body systems: musculature, nervous system, hormones, immune system. As a result, you’ll see adaptation (bigger, better, stronger). The next time that stress is imposed on your body, it’s no longer going to cause the same amount of disruption because the goal of the body is to maintain homeostasis and ensure that nothing is going to be a threat to your survival.

Most people understand the concept progressive overload but miss the disruptive component to progressive overload. Many people add 5kg every week each week to their squats in a progression scheme, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be disruptive. Your training must be hard and stressful in order to cause that adaptation. If not, it will recover and only will recover to baseline. If you continually keep stimulus or stress the same you won’t see a return to baseline. Progression needs to be progressive, logical, consistent and disruptive.

Don’t get stuck doing the same training, same weights, reps and eating the same ways or you will end up stalling and lose momentum on your quest to get lean. Ensure your training and nutrition change and progress accordingly!


If you are trying to get ripped, you need to learn to relax and deal with stress. Not only does being in a constant state of fight or flight cause your body to cling to body fat, it can also cause you to gain more fat!

When you are stressed how well do you follow your diet? It’s pretty easy to blow off your diet and training when you feel like you don’t have time or you are feeling pressure from other areas of your life whether that's work or family. This is especially true if you use food as a way to cope with stress.

Find ways to manage stress to find your abs and the rest of the definition that you are seeking. Some of the best ways to reduce stress are to ensure that you are getting enough restful sleep, recovery, proper nutrition and taking care of any personal issues that have been causing you stress. You might be surprised just how much relaxing and reducing stress can help you get lean!

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