• Joshua Li

The Reasons You Aren't Building Muscle

You’ve been training day in day out for 6 to 12 months yet you still haven’t made any progress in the gym. Have a look at these 3 muscle building tips that can guarantee you results.

Not eating enough

One of the fundamentals of building muscle is in your nutrition. You must be consuming enough food in your diet regime to put on size. This does not mean you need to be eating 10 meals per day every 2 hours. it does mean having enough calories and a steady supply of nutrients to keep your body growing. Somewhere between 4-6 meals a day is a great way to go depending on your daily schedule.

Depending on your body composition, age, weight, height, BMI, body fat percentage and daily activity level each persons caloric intake for putting on size may vary. A great starter is roughly 4-5 meals per day consuming at least 2500 calories or more depending on the above variables. If you make progress good, if not add further calories.

You will also do well to maintain a good balance of nutrients. To have too much of one nutrient and completely avoid another food group is not the best way to go when looking add muscle to your body. This means that do not ignore carbohydrates and dietary fat in the quest for a very high protein diet.

Trying to follow advanced or complicated programs: Picture the following scenario.

A guy who has only been training for about 2 months back squats 60kgs for 3 sets of 5 on a particular day. After the session he finds that he has a weak point on his squat which he thinks he must eliminate. To do so he starts addressing whether the limiting factor is at the bottom half of the squat or the top half. He then tries different methods like pause squats, box squats and even banded back squats ti try improve on his weak point. What do you think went wrong?

Here is the real deal the guy is just too weak overall. If you are squatting only 60kg then every point is a weak point and you must work the movement to get good at it. Like they say practice makes perfect. The limiting factor can actually from tight hip flexors or zero to no flexibility through your ankles. So rather than addressing the squat itself, perhaps work on other exercises like the split squat which can help improve the weaknesses. Think about practicing a movement rather than working out. Pick the exercise, be patient and get good at it.

Too much variety and too little progression

Nowadays when you go online there are thousands to millions of muscle building workouts available. Some of them are great while majority of them are absolute rubbish. These available programs make trainees to keep changing programs too frequently which hinders their progression.

The most important factor in building muscle is progressive overload. Meaning the gradual increase of stress placed upon the body during training. The principal is about continuously increasing the demands on the musculoskeletal system so that you can make gains in muscle size, strength and endurance. This can be measured by progressively increasing reps each week, adding weight each session, changing the tempo of the training and reducing rest periods between exercises. In a nutshell, this is what you should be doing rather than chopping and changing from program to another program.

So there you have three reasons why you may not be improving or getting stronger in the gym. These may have been the factors that have been holding you back in the gym. Work on eliminating these mistakes and be sure to start seeing some great muscle building results.

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