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Client Of The Week: Kevin Prak

Did you have any doubts or reservations about starting personal training with us at ONE?

Before coming to ONE, I had been training for a few years already on my own. After not seeing any improvement for nearly a year on my own, I decided to seek further help to get over this plateau. It actually took me a few months of debating with myself that in the end, I needed guidance and that doing things strictly on my own was not going to help me improve at that time period.

How would you describe the training experience at ONE?

Intense! When I first came, I was not used to the intensity of the workouts...more reps, less rest, and utilizing supersets and dropsets. I also had some posture problems that went unnoticed by myself so we were able to fix that as well.

What would you say to people who say that the results are not possible?

Focus on two things: consistency and accountability. Make sure that you log your training with exercises, reps, and sets to track improvements. It's always nice to see yourself getting stronger. Dieting is also just as important. Utilizing an app like MyFitnessPal helps keep yourself accountable to stay consistent on what you are eating daily. Keep in mind as well, results are not instant. They take time so do not be discouraged if it takes longer than you initially expected. They will come eventually!

What is the secret to getting in shape?

Stay committed and have self-discipline. Always keep your workouts intense with optimal sets, reps, and especially rest periods. Do not get too distracted with your phones between sets! Aim for around 60 seconds rest. Also, do not neglect proper form as it can lead to injury and other muscle imbalances. Focus on correct technique and do partial reps if necessary.

What would you say to your friends if they ask about us?

If you have a specific goal, the team at ONE will help you achieve that. Prepare for some changes in your lifestyle but its worth it in the end as they will help you get there. It also helps that the team is very friendly and welcoming to people of different fitness levels, whether you are a complete newbie or even someone that has been training for years.

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