• Joshua Li

Fat Loss: 5 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

1. Believing You Can Beat The System When It Comes To Dieting

There are certain protocols that should be followed when making the right dieting decisions, yet all too often we convince ourselves that we can take shortcuts, or don’t realise how necessary it is to stick to the program. Whether it’s under-eating for a quick yet unsustainable approach, or not approaching your diet seriously and only sticking to the plan when it suits you, you're bound to come across inevitable roadblocks to progress unless you go back to the beginning. Let’s not waste time and get it right from the start. The solution and priority is to make sure you're losing fat in the process while preserving muscle, the prime determiner for basal metabolic rate. It’s easy to forget that change takes time and we're often always in a rush to meet our goals. Be mindful of the process, and make gradual changes where necessary.

2. Thinking a Few Sessions a Week Is Enough

Unless you’re working a labour intensive job, there's a good chance you're burning a lot less calories than you think. Most of us fall into this category, and become comfortable with our three or four sessions a week meaning we're forgetting that this is a crucial factor when meeting that energy deficit. Take your training to the next level, and align it with your goals. Six or seven days a week, why not? This is an activity which vastly benefits your health and wellbeing. Not only are you going to feel better, but you'll ingrain this routine habit into who you are, and become a clear representation of that. Remember, you're looking for significant changes in body composition. Start small and work your way up, just like the approach to dieting, and add in an extra day. Hit the muscles that are your favourite to train, work on some technical areas you feel need some attention, or try some exercises you've never done before. In short, have fun with it.

3. Not Doing Any Cardio

For most of us, it can be a difficult task to get into those single digits of body fat. This should bring to attention any arsenal in the exercise department that can and will help us get over those last couple of hurdles. Don’t get caught up worrying whether high intensity interval training (HIIT) or steady state cardio (SSC) is the better option. Focus more on what would be more suitable to you and which you'd prefer. These routines are tools, and if applied correctly, will help you shed those last bits of stubborn fat. They both have their uses, and it’s up to you to decide which will be more appropriate on any given day. HIIT training comes with the after-burn effect, assisting you in burning more calories at a higher rate hours after your workout. It also typically takes a shorter amount of time to perform. If you're feeling low on energy, SSC will prove to be a better option since it is less physically taxing and can help with recovery.

4. Choosing The Wrong Diet

Aside from having all your macros calculated to perfection, there are other factors that come into play when trying to understand whether a particular diet will be the right one for you. Hunger plays a large role when dieting down, and it’s important that you try and overcome this obstacle by finding a method of dieting that you can adhere to. If you're trying to stick to a diet that constantly makes you feel starving, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to adhere to it, and it'll feel like you're constantly fighting a losing battle. A diet you can work with is needed to reduce the pain that is sometimes associated with dieting down. Finding the right fit and seeing positive results come from it can be a huge game changer and it's incredibly motivating. Find the right diet and you'll find it easier to remain at a caloric deficit!

5. Being Far Too Impatient

In today’s society, we can buy nearly everything or anything we want and have it immediately, but there is no buying hard work, discipline and consistency. We grow up to believe we can have anything we want and it’s not going to take every ounce of effort to achieve that. To expect amazing results immediately, is to set oneself up for failure. We fall short, and we convince ourselves that the task is impossible; yet that is furthest from the truth when we plan well, understand what must be done, and give ourselves realistic set points and milestones. Most of us don’t even understand how overweight we are, and how much fat we need to lose before we can truly be classified as lean. If you had to look around, most of us are carrying excess weight, and it is seen as normal, so our perception of what is okay and what isn’t is relatively distorted. There is no quick and easy fix when it comes to achieving the fat loss goals you have set out for yourself. All the damage that has been done over the years is going to take time and a stern attitude to rectify. We all know that if it were easy, everyone would do it, and we would all be in the best shape; but it’s not and we should approach the process as such. More importantly, we are trying to ingrain healthy habits into our daily lives, and with the right outlook and approach, those habits are going to turn into results themselves. Just stick with it!

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