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Mastery of Goal Setting

With the rising favour of self-help articles, youtube videos, motivational speakers at your service to get your adrenaline sky high for a Sunday in hope to crush Monday because come on, Monday is always the one and only day you can drastically start to make changes, am I right?:) It is always exciting to plan on making changes for the better and visualise how the ideal self in our head is getting smarter, stronger and perhaps a little bit more like your idol. However, it does not always turn out to be exactly what we thought it would be. With everyone's favourite new year resolution coming up, let us share our favourite goal setting tips to help you achieve what you set your mind into.


We often set goals because people say it's good for you, you are supposed to be wanting this, just like every other cool personality on Instagram tells you. Goals can be and should be very individualised depending on what you REALLY crave for. There would be obstacles along the way of working towards your goal undoubtedly, and what gets us through it is the initial reason that we started the journey at the beginning. If the reason is no stronger than the ordeals you may face (for some it can be going to the gym after a long work day, for some, it might be simply resisting that delicious pizza lurking in the corner of your house.) Sit down with yourself, weigh the effort you are willing to put into achieving your goal accordingly and act.

Gareth (45) knew what he wanted when he started with us...


Waking up with physique of Greek gods is not too hard to visualise and be excited about, but what set us apart is how we also realistically foresee all the potential hurdles we might face. Here at ONE personal training, setting up clients and making sure they recognise the necessary cost of whatever their goal might be, is something we strongly believe that helps tremendously. Here we want to take you on a successful body re-composition transformation journey from Dad Bod (22-25% body fat) to BRB, Beach Ready Bod (10-12%). At first, tracking calories will be necessary in order to achieve daily/weekly caloric deficit in order to lose weight, with recommended 3-4times of training with professionals in order to maintain, if not to gain lean muscle mass to ensure the majority of weight loss is coming from fat loss. The result on this stage would be quite consistent and impressive as our individualised diet plan and training provides a lot of new adaptions for your body to start changing. Quick forward to 6-8 weeks in with hard work and consistency, a side of you starts telling you it might be enough as temptations around you start creeping in, your result might therefore be compromised. Then on, you can decide if achieving the goal you set for yourself initially is still valuable to you, having a few people (close friends, family, personal trainer etc.) to keep you accountable is an effective stage to get through this stage. After realising the tradeoffs that have to be done in order to achieve your goal, the rest will be the effort, consistency guided with a plan that optimises the possibility of you to be successful. There you go a typical yet proven story of body transformation. In short, the cost of achieving a lean physique (10-12%) might include struggle in social situations (especially those with food and alcohol involved) and time for social opportunities, hobbies and interests outside of exercise and fitness being compromised. Not often do we stumble upon success so why not plan ahead and be mentally ready for the journey ahead.


From having pizza every other day to prepping all 3 meals a day is proven very hard many times but on the other hand, starting with having a portion of vegetables and fist size of protein every meal doesn't sound too soul challenging. For instance, list out a spectrum of good breakfast from the "worst" good food to the best breakfast is what we often encourage our clients to do. From a handful of nuts to avocado salad with chicken to self-prepped breakfast that fits particular calorie goal, they are all positive changes depends on where you are at the moment.

Here is a sample progression on how to be more active for you to try out:

1. Get off a station away from your workplace every day and walk the station instead.

2. Finish a daily 10 mins full body circuit next to bed upon waking up.

3. Complete a challenging 30 mins workout 3 times a week.

4. Complete a challenging 30 mins workout 3 times a week plus daily walks.

5. Push yourself for a tailored planned workout routine 4 times a week with a trainer.

The list goes on and I believe you have got the gist of it. Be creative with your goal progression list. Too big or too small of a challenge can both be detrimental.


- Challenges: opportunity to learn vs problem to be avoided

- Having a belief that everyone can be better at anything vs everyone is either good at something or not

- Obstacle: embrace it with effort vs give up

- View on critical feedback: useful vs something to take offence to or ignore

- Failure: greet with curiosity and determination vs face with dejection

Last but not least, goal setting is more important for the process of continual improvement, self reflection, and personal growth. Now go, have a sit down with yourself in the sun and set your next challenging goal to achieve.

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