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What do ONE trainers focus on with clients?

What factors are there for fat loss and how would those factors be favoured? Here are 5 levels of a fat loss pyramid, each level has its place when working for fat loss but what do we prioritise? We will discuss 5 factors starting from the bottom of the pyramid, the biggest level and deemed your most important factor to consider

Energy Balance – Being in a caloric deficit

In order to lose fat, we have to be in a caloric deficit simply meaning the calories we consume is lower than calories needed for maintenance. First find your calories at maintenance where your bodyweight stays on average week to week the same weight. Take this calorie total and reduce the calories. We work to 0.5-1% body fat drop per week so depending on your bodyweight and BF%, this can equate to 200-700kcal drop per day. These are rough estimates and the true answer comes from tracking weekly and making the right changes.

We recommend you monitor your weight and track your food intake for 2 weeks. If you see a steady drop in weight, you may be on the right path for fat loss which brings us to the next level……

Macronutrients – Protein intake

You’ve lost weight but is it fat, muscle or both? This is where we look into the proportion (either via grams or percentage) of our macronutrients, Protein:Carbs:Fats.

During fat loss we want to preserve as much muscle as possible and for beginners, potentially see muscle gain.

This is why we make Protein the most important macronutrient. Role to repair, grow and build muscle mass. Protein is also satiating which is what we want when dieting, to feel full and minimise that sorry feeling of hunger. We recommend 1-1.4lb or protein per bodyweight (lb) dependent on gender, bodyfat and weight. Carbs and fats will make up the rest of calories.

Training – Lifting Weights

Favour big compound lifts /multi joint exercises each session when training 2-3x per week. Compound lifts and multi joint exercises require more energy and recruit a greater number of muscle groups.

Keep the load heavy. If you are able to execute an exercise with good form using a similar/heavier load to previous sessions, it’s a clear sign your muscle will not be diminishing and the weight loss you are experiencing will be fat loss.

Monitor rest periods. Keeping your heart rate elevated helps with fat loss so stick to 60-90 seconds rest.

Do more in your time and not extending time in the gym. Achieving more output in your one-hour session is highly effective when it comes to fat loss. Our fat loss program see’s clients increase their output into a new phase working from supersets, to tri-sets to giant sets. We will also introduce intensity techniques to get more from a working set such as drop sets, rest pause sets (more advanced).


Rest up! You’ve had a long day of work and had a productive training session, it is time to put your mind and body at rest, to recover and repair. Our previous articles have highlighted the importance of sleep on your body, to maximise the most from your nutrition and training. For mind set it gives you a fresh mind to start your day. If you can start your day right from having your first meal, you put yourself in a position to end the day right.


A tool simply to expend more energy to ramp up your fat loss in the later stages. Before this we would look at NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis), the energy we expend excluding sleeping or exercise. This can be walking to work or standing to take a phone call. Your job/lifestyle likely has low levels of NEAT so cardio is a must.

Remember our first level of the pyramid which is energy balance. We have a nutrition plan which is giving a caloric deficit so by adding cardio, we increase the energy balance difference.

Example: Work 3x 30 minute cardio sessions into your week. Burn 300kcal a time, you will have increased your caloric deficit by 900kcal for the week. No science needed other than to think……move the body.


The pyramid shows importance of what to consider when working for fat loss. All have their roles and contribute to your fat loss success. Work the 5 levels of the pyramid and you will be on your way. Not mentioned is supplementation which we prescribe after consulting with clients. It has their place but none more than the 5 levels above.

Learn to implement the fat loss pyramid and work through each level with a member of our team. See the fat loss results for yourself and book in for a free consultation HERE





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