• Joshua Li

4 Ways to Battle Body Fat Inflammation


In terms of dieting approach to combat inflammation, clearing up your pantry from fast foods and overly processed foods would be a good best starter as they predominantly contain high amounts of trans-fats which is directly associated with the increase of inflammation if consumed in excess amounts. Overly processed food usually contain high sugar levels which raises insulin constantly and doing so will result in the increase of body fat inflammation. Completely ignoring that food composition will affect performance, health, mental acuity, gut function, mood, sleep etc. which will carry over to the productivity of lifestyle.

Another plan of attack would be to increase green vegetables or fruits such as berries as it will boost the antioxidant status of your body; antioxidants minimise the affects of inflammation as it abolishes free radicals and lowers oxidative stress which is a huge contributor to heart decease and ageing.

Eat your fish! as they contain omega 3’s which is essential for playing the role in decreasing inflammation due to its high anti inflammatory effects that also aid the immune system.

Also avoid or limit alcohol consumption along with caffeine as they are stimulants that generally elevate inflammation in the body if drank too frequently. Moderation is key so go easy, as alcoholics or excessive caffeine users tend to develop chronic inflammation; the bad kind.


Lifestyle plays a huge role in regulating inflammation within our body, so balancing out other areas of your life is also crucial. Stress is a primary factor in driving chronic inflammation so doing activities that help sooth the mind, physical and mental state such as meditation, yoga, having a pet or anything that really shuts your brain off can elicit the feel good hormones; endorphins and oxytocin that helps reduce stress.

Another significant aspect to take into account is sleep. Schedule sleep like you schedule your work; allow your body its much needed recovery time. It’s possibly an overlooked essential in this day in age in terms of body composition .Not only does it reduce inflammation, it improves fat oxidation, appetite control as sleep deprivation induces hunger. Turn off the laptop / smart phone early as the blue light from these devices often disrupts our bodies natural circadian rhythm, so to conclude get that sleep in!


There are several supplements on the market that can aid in reducing inflammation if able to source from foods. Firstly fish oil (omega 3’s) can be ingested in capsule form if you aren’t able to eat a good quantity of fish to compensate. Fish oil is also one of the most researched supplements with a high potency agent to reduce inflammation. Next in the lineup; Curcumin is also a supplement that blocks the production of inflammatory cell and has also been shown to support healthy joints and mobility.

Melatonin can also be added in the arsenal as it is a therapeutic that helps sleep, aids muscle recovery and lowers the oxidative stress by fighting inflammation. Lack of sleeping hours can drastically trigger inflammation and getting your 7 - 8 hours in can help you fight off many negative effected of exhaustion. You might also want to include vitamins A, C, E, and D. Lastly, add in magnesium, selenium, and zinc for the ultimate concoction to battle inflammation.


Resistance training is also a component to effectively void inflammation as it improves cardiovascular health and can lower the risk of diabetes. Studies show that both strength or hypertrophy based training derived similar results to fight against oxidative stress and inflammation regardless of intensity level. So incorporating both protocols of training won’t risk the increase of chronic inflammation. Most issues derive from being overweight; Lose weight if overweight. Fat cells produce inflammatory hormones such as cytokines which hinders the function of body cells. The fatter you are, the more you produce and the longer you stay inflamed.

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