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How Aidan Transformed Gareth in 12 Weeks

Gareth originally came to us with the goal to build strength after recovering from a nasty shoulder injury. That was the original plan however I still kept on top of his diet and over time we gradually saw his body change naturally from better eating and regular resistance training. We started seeing a lot of potential in Gareth just from how strong he was getting in the gym and knew that if we really dialled in his nutrition that we would be able create something spectacular and thats exactly what we did.

Here is how Gareth got in the best shape of his life in just 12 week!

Weight Training

We didn’t do anything crazy with Gareth’s training other than increasing his training volume throughout the weeks. We trained 3 times a week and aimed to keep lifting heavy and maintain his strength sticking within the 8-15 hypertrophy rep range. Gareth managed to keep most of his strength in the big compound lifts towards the end of his 12 weeks which was the goal!


Because of Gareth’s busy work schedule he had little time to prepare meals. So we put him on meal prep company Nutrition Kitchen to take out the guess work and it worked a treat. He enjoyed the meals which made it 100% sustainable. Calories started at 2100kcal and we slowly chipped away calories every 2-3 weeks and when things started to slow down. We gave Gareth the occasional refeed bringing his calories back up to baseline to boost up his metabolism when he was deep into his cut.


Our plan was to increase the cardio frequency over the 12 weeks as we had to get this done in a short space of time. He started with 2x low intensity steady state cardio sessions and I know Gareth loved to hike on the weekends so we included this as part of his cardio schedule. We ramped up the cardio when we had to lose that last bit of body fat towards the last couple of weeks.

Lifestyle Changes

There wasn’t much of a change to Gareth’s lifestyle other than having to wake up extra early on some days to get his cardio in. There was a lot of hard work to be done and it wasn’t easy but we got there through Gareth’s dedication and his drive of wanting to change. We still kept training frequency at 3x per week and the diet was done for him by Nutrition Kitchen which actually made everything a lot more convenient for him. He still eats Nutrition Kitchen till this day.

Gareth’s Motivation

Gareth’s motivation was to achieve his dream physique. He has never seen his abs and he hasn’t weighed below 95kg since he was 15 years old. We told him that with his potential we could sculpt an amazing physique even at 45 years old and he put his trust in us and we achieved even greater than what he had expected. Over the 12 weeks he saw his body composition drastically change through regular progress pictures and this kept him striving forward.

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