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Fat Loss Nutrition Approaches

We highly recommend these simple 5 pointers:

  1. - Be in a caloric deficit

  2. - Enough Protein per Bodyweight

  3. - Drink Water

  4. - Eat your veggies

  5. - Get adequate sleep to recover

It sounds easy enough and the biggest reason for consistency in results is executing these 5 pointers. However, you can take these 5 pointers and interpret a diet plan in many ways. At ONE we believe every client is unique; daily schedules, eating habits, timings, work life, social/family circle, all of which play a part in creating a diet plan that suits.

Whilst you can go get a generic diet plan online, we will explore in brief 4 Diet Case Studies of clients who have come to us and made successful results. These are different diet approaches. Why? Because we seek consistency that lasts past 2 weeks where people tend to give up and that comes from finding a suitable diet approach to the client in hand!

David - ‘I can do the same thing everyday’

The ‘robot’ who works and lives a regimented lifestyle. Wakes/sleep, works and eats consistently at same time.


Simple minded dieter needing less choice, set times and structure to his plan.

Incorporation of a cheat meal / free meal when the time is right. This is useful psychologically for them to have that one meal of total enjoyment (not until results start to show).


8:30am 80g Smoked Salmon and 2 whole eggs

11am 30g Almonds and 1 banana

1pm 150g chicken thigh and 150g Green Beans

6pm 200g Sirloin Steak and 150g Green Beans

Pre Bed 1 Scoop Whey and 1tbsp Almond Butter

Karen - ‘Lost my way in the last year and gained a lot’

Enjoys variety of food and has unexpected client dinners with an unpredictable work schedule.


Teach portion control and make this the focus over having homemade selective meals to allow for client dinners. Give protein options with no meal timings due to work (must hit macros by end of the day). Freedom to eat out but must abide by the ONE Dining Out Guideline (our tips for eating right at different cuisines).


4x 130g protein source with vegetables/salads broken down as,

2x lean protein meals, 2x ‘fatty’ protein meals and 1x serving fruit per day

From List below:

(Lean Meat: White fish, Prawns, Chicken Breast, Egg Whites, Turkey, Pork Loin. Fatty Meats: Lean Mince, Sirloin Steak, Salmon, Chicken Thigh, Mackerel, Whole Eggs. Fruit: Banana, Blueberries, Raspberries, Apple)

Clayton - ‘Fast food and beer for last 10 years’

Home eater who chooses high carb, high fat & processed foods with a big love for sauces. Enjoys a couple of beers every night with dinner at home.


Low carb diet to offset the years of processed, high carb and high fat foods. Make the diet somewhat ‘fun’ and keep some of his favourites to discourage his thought of ‘boiled chicken and broccoli’.


Meal 1: 2x Egg white, 2x Whole Eggs, 5g butter and 2 bacon Rashers w/ 15g reduced sugar ketchup

Meal 2: 200g Chicken Breast w/ Veg and 40g Cheddar Cheese, 15g Low Fat Mayo (Kraft)

Meal 3: 150g 0% Fat Greek Yogurt mixed w/ 20g whey and 1tbsp PB2 Peanut Powder

Meal 4: 200g Sirloin Steak, 150g Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Fries, 1 tsbp English Mustard w/ veg. Diet Soda and 20g Dark Chocolate to finish.

Irene - ‘I live for the weekend’

The foodie who lives for the weekend dining out with friends and having drinks. Has self control Mon – Fri due to responsible job and finds time hard to eat breakfast.


Teach to use Myfitnesspal to track macros. Use of Calorie Cycling where low calories are consumed Mon-Fri leaving room for higher calorie days at the weekend. This allows for calories to still be in a deficit across the whole week.


Hit the macros given Mon-Sun where Sat-Sun is a base excluding her dining out.

Free choice of ONE meal both Saturday and Sunday provided macros below has been met especially the protein. Track via Myfitnesspal given upwards of 1800kcal on Sat & Sun.

Mon-Fri P110 C70 F55, 1215kcal

Sat-Sun P80 C30 F30, 810kcal


Whilst a generic plan can work short term, it’s our role to find one that lasts! Yes following those 5 pointers can reap results. But we must keep maintaining a level of change as weeks progress. We have worked with many types of clients and have found success in taking thought, care and proper planning when it comes to diet plans.

Note: The client’s (disclosed above) bodyweight’s varied between 58-95kg at their start point so do not take those quantities or calorie totals as approximations for yourself. Also not discussed is their activity levels, BF% and goal timeline. This is a view on diet approach.

Keep those 5 pointers in mind and you will see results. Struggling to stick to a diet plan? Then you must reconsider the approach, what does and doesn’t suit you!

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