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Meet Senior Trainer, Kai Liu

How did your journey start in health and fitness?

I spent most of my teenage years playing tennis which was my favorite sport at the time. I was really passionate about it and used to compete in both local and national level competitions in Hong Kong. The year before I went to college I started training in a gym more seriously so as to improve my physical performance, and that was how my passion for weight lifting and fitness really kicked off.

What made you become a personal trainer?

I really enjoy shaping my own physique through both a weight training and diet regimen. After multiple years of truly involving myself in that field to better my own results, I feel that I have a lot to share with others and can help them get to exactly where they want to be on a physical and visual level.

What is your motivation as a personal trainer?

Anybody who knows me, knows that I'm very passionate about fitness. So being a personal trainer, though technically is my job, doesn't feel like a tedious chore at all. I am confident in my own knowledge, but I strive to keep on learning and improving my skills to maximize my teaching capabilities in this field.

Do you have any specific training methods to get your clients in shape?

I believe that not only is every client different, but every client is also different on each day. So I pay a lot of attention to how my client's are responding to and during each training session, and will adjust the volume/resistance from there on. Theres no point in just blindly forcing your client to power through a program just because it says "3 sets of 12".

(Kai competing at a HKFBF competition in 2017)

What are your 3 tips for someone looking to reach their goal physique?

Tip #1- Find an initial source of motivation (eg. a picture of your goal physique/a outfit you want to fit in that you want to wear/a holiday you have coming up)

Tip #2- Get into a consistent habit of your fitness routine (motivation will get you started, but only discipline will keep you going)

Tip #3- Do it for yourself (usually after a few weeks of following Tip #1 and Tip #2 this one will come automatically. Once you start seeing results on your own body, you will realize that that is the best and most effective source of motivation to keep you going).

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