• Joshua Li

5 Holiday Diet Tips You Have To Follow

It's that time of year again; the time where a good population of you are booking trips abroad, and the time where people say calories don’t count when you're on holiday. If your goal is to transform your body composition and you think binge eating at the hotel buffet and drinking 10 glasses of margaritas a day by the beach is going to help you stay on track, then think again.

Despite people's best intentions going in, including athletes, almost everyone falls off track and gains an extra layer of unwanted fat as a result.

It's clear most of us could use some better Holiday eating strategies. Here are 5 tips that will keep you on the right path of achieving your ideal physique while on holiday.

1 – Eat Less, and then Eat More
Here's the truth, eating big at night doesn't make you fat. Eating too much/too many calories for the entire day makes you fat.

If you've eaten large and/or frequent meals throughout the day, and then eat another large dinner on top of that, chances are you'll go over your daily calorie needs and put on fat. It's the total food intake, not the distribution that's the problem.

If you are eating huge amounts throughout the day, you will have to taper down and starve yourself at night.

The most optimal thing is to distribute your calories evenly through the day OR eat light during the day AND train, this will have you in a position where you are in a relatively large caloric deficit with depleted energy reserves, and even with a big meal your carbs will be used to restore energy reserves first before spilling over as fat. This follows on to our next tip.

2 – Water Intake

Keep hydrated! This is key to keeping yourself on track while you’re on holiday. When water levels drop in your body, even as little as 2%, you may start to see some side effects, from overeating and weight gain (you may mistake thirst for hunger), bloating (dehydration increases fluid retention in your body).

3 – Packing Supplements

Hitting your carbs and fats for the day while on vacation is easy, but protein is where most people fall off. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. You are going to need protein to help preserve all that hard earned muscle.

To make sure you’re hitting your protein intake on holiday, pack your protein powder with you! I like to pack all my supplements into zip lock bags to create more space for my holiday essentials.

4 – TRAIN!

Pack smart and bring your workout gear, and possibly some resistance bands or make use of the hotel gym. Remember energy expenditure also plays a key role in maintaining your weight while on vacation. If you’re not going to train make some room for physical activity such as walking, sports, pool games and even doing more sightseeing.

5 – Implement Strategic Cheat meals

First off, eat your normal, lighter, lower carb lunch. This will ensure you're still optimizing the body's ability to burn fat for a good portion of the day and entering the dinner feast with relatively depleted energy reserves.

Second, have 1-2 nights a week during the holiday season where you eat what you want without limitation.

There will be lots of options to cheat, probably most nights of the week. So you have to be selective to limit the damage. Back from an overindulgent holiday?

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