• Joshua Li

Six Muscle Building Mistakes Exposed!

Wonder why you haven't built any muscle after busting your ass in the gym time and time again? At least one or two of the mistakes highlighted in this article will tick the box if you’ve been struggling to build quality mass. By avoiding each of these errors you may significantly improve your chances of reaching your genetic potential of becoming the best version of yourself both physically and mentally.

Mistake 1 - Suboptimal Rest and Recovery

Many people seem to believe that in order to build muscle you have to train for hours on end, when in fact it is the complete opposite. People have grown to always to think that more is better, but when it comes to resistance training more is NOT better, only the right amount of the right type of training is better. Overtraining is a common thing where many people always go wrong and don't give their body enough recovery time to rebuild new muscle tissue.

Well you must be thinking, how much time does you body actually need in order to recover.

Research has shown that a particular muscle grouping will, on average, require between 48 to 72 hours recovery from bodybuilding-style training. The key to maximising recovery is to find ways outside of the many daily obligations we have to fully relax and recharge. First, avoid unnecessary stress. Mental and emotional stress is a major barrier to full physical recovery. To further rest and recharge, aim to get at least eight hours of sleep each night.

Mistake 2: Excessive intake of junk foods

Cut the junk and eat nutrient dense foods in the form of clean proteins, complex carbs and essential fats. Consuming excessive amounts of sugary foods promotes chronic low grade inflammation and an accumulation of bacteria which can slow down the process to help repair damaged muscle tissue.

Treat yourself once a week during a mass building phase, but look to build your nutrition around healthful, nutrient dense food that will promote more muscle growth. Just simply eat more of them!

Mistake 3: Incorrect meal planning

Proper meal planning for muscle building must be consistently applied to maximise your potential to grow quality tissue. Based on our genetic factors it is fundamental to maintain a consistent supply of nutrients to both prime our bodies for optimal performance and to repair muscle tissue post workout. A basic guideline to stick to is to keep protein intake around 1-1.5 grams per pound of lean bodyweight per day, ideally spaced across 5-6 smaller daily meals. Carbs and fats may vary depending on your training level and individual response to these nutrients.

Simple rule of thumb to keep you on track is to plan your diet and stick to the plan. While there will be dietary adjustments that must be made along the way, nutritional consistency is king for building muscle mass. To make it more convenient for all you busy professionals out there, prepare your food three days in advance and store it in containers and avoid all the hassle.

Mistake 4: Lack of focus and drive

Most of us live busy lives, creating potential barriers to our muscle building progress. Daily tasks and conflicting responsibilities can weigh heavily on our minds. Our muscle building goal can effectively take a hit as your mind may be wondering somewhere else while training which can effectively dilute our training energy, and your training efforts will be minimal resulting in minimal progress.

This is where a training partner or personal trainer can come in to keep you focused on the task at hand and keep you compliant with your weight training and diet so that your training at 100% capacity opposed to training at 50% on your own.

Mistake 5: A failure to set realistic goals

It goes without saying that without a solid plan we lack the steps needed to achieve our goals. With a list of goals we have a much clearer idea of exactly what we must do to build muscle.

However goals must be realistic so that it is based on our current physical status and the achievability of each goal.

Example: To fully optimise muscle growth, set goals such as:

  • Hit a certain weight by a set time while keeping fat gain to a minimum

  • Setting out numbers that you want to hit for exercises to ensure your progressing in the gym

  • Set a certain muscle building time frame e.g. a 6 month muscle building transformation

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