• Joshua Li

Full Range of Motion for Maximum Gains!

Building muscle takes more than just hitting your reps and sets in the gym, and drinking a protein shake after. Until you’ve learned perfect and proper form, you cannot just mindlessly go through the motions during every workout! You could be wasting your time!

Now although working out and building muscle isn’t rocket science…it still is a science to some degree. We have the science of nutrition, as well as the biological and anatomical constructs of our bodies. When it comes to executing good form on gym exercises, we must pay attention to how our joints and limbs move, and how they synergistically control or prevent certain muscle fibers from contracting.

It’s vital to remember that you are only selling yourself short if you’re doing your workouts with subpar form as you will never really be stimulating your muscles to their maximum degree and hence will stunt your bodies’ potential to put on lean muscle mass. On top of this, you will also be setting yourself up for a higher risk of injury and formation of muscular imbalances which will do you no absolutely no good down the road!

Obviously physical technique is best demonstrated in person (especially because everybody’s “form” will look slightly different due to the differentiations in each person’s body) which is why we recommend that you come train with us at One Personal Training HK! But to make it easier for you we have summarized just a few very basic bullet points on range of motion for each muscle group:

If you want to learn how to train effectively and make the most of every time you step in the gym then book in to meet us. We want to meet people who want to make an incredible change. We have the knowledge and tools to help you get there - it is on you to commit. Start your transformation journey now and book in for a free consultation here.





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