• Joshua Li

5 Dieting Strategies Helping You Achieve Results

On the surface dieting seems like a simple process…. eat predetermined meals and stick to it. Unfortunately, life isn’t so simple and there are plenty of hurdles we come across throughout the journey. Below we have highlighted some pointers that will help you get through potential obstacles, help you achieve dieting success and reach your results.

Eat More Protein


The more protein you consume, the higher the energetic cost needed to incorporate amino acids into lean tissue. This means that eating high protein food sources will result in burning more calories than if you were to eat the same amount from carbohydrates or fats.

Another benefit of a high protein diet is that it keeps you fuller longer. This results in people less likely to snack throughout the day as their appetite is suppressed and they feel satisfied.

Our advice:

  • Aim to consume at least 20g of protein per meal for females and 30g per meal for males.

  • Your ideal daily total daily protein intake should be between 1.6 – 2g per kg of body weight.

Keep a food diary


To achieve fat loss, you must be in a caloric deficit (burning more calories than you are consuming.) Unless you have been in the health and fitness industries for years, dieting at least a couple of time a year, the chances are you are very poor at estimating how much you eat. People underestimate how much food they consume, eyebaling how many calories they have per meal. Eyeballing often leads to overeating, resulting in people scratching their heads wondering why they aren’t losing weight. Keeping a food diary solves this issue, take away any guess work and accurately track how many calories you are consuming daily.

Our advice:

  • Use MyFitnessPal to track your daily food. They have an extensive list of food sources, brands etc. that will allow you to track your calories and macronutrients very accurately.

Load up on vegetables


Vegetables are a great source of food that can fill you up, and not have detrimental effect to your diet. If you are deep into your diet and are reducing your carb intake, you should look to increase the number of veggies you consume to help fill this void. The fuller you feel, the more likely you won’t cheat.

Our advice:

  • Try to have at least 100g of green veggies at every meal.

Know your schedule


As we mentioned previously, you must be in a caloric deficit to lose weight. We understand people on diets have lives and cannot expect them to cut out all social events from their schedules. Events such as work dinners and best friend’s birthday can’t be avoided, but overeating on those day can be. If you have a social event coming up look to balance out the food you consume that day. You need to estimate how many calories you will be consuming at these events and reduce meals from the other parts of the day to compensate.

Our advice:

  • Look at the menu of the restaurant you are going to in advance. Choose the best option possible that is in line with your diet (lean protein source and veggies.) Plug these potential meal choices into MyFitnessPal, workout out the nutritional values and pull some calories from the meals you have earlier in the day.

Be Prepared


In the dieting game, preparation is the key. If you have not prepped your meals or ordered from a meal prep provider, then you can almost guarantee to fail with your diet. You need to know the exact nutritional values of your meals, whether that is weighing the ingredients yourself or having the nutritional label come with your meals.

Our advice:

  • Arrange your weekly meals with a meal provider in advance (Nutrition Kitchen), or ensure you get down to the supermarket on the weekend and prepare your food for the week ahead.

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