• Joshua Li

The Issues With Off The Shelf Plans

Off the shelf diet plans are regularly the first port of call for individuals looking to get in shape. Being overweight doesn’t need a ‘special diet plan’, but will require more focus and time commitment to a sensible plan. We all have a physique, whether it is on display or hidden under layers of fat. Your body needs time to develop, but it most definitely will not arrive if you damage the foundations.

Off the shelf diet plans can destroy your internal health and physiology. They promote fast weight loss, which will result in a great deal of muscle loss too, leaving people low in energy. The objective of these plans is to make the scales look favorable as fast as possible with no consideration of promoting health. We often have to start from scratch with clients who have damaged their body shape and skin health from these ‘weight loss diet plans’.

Reduce Loose Skin

The smart and slightly more time consuming approach will result in less loose skin after fat loss and provide you with a much better chance of rebuilding your health. Poor nutrition will have an adverse effect on the health of the cells of your body. With more time, you will allow you cell health to improve and in turn increase their elasticity. Dropping weight rapidly may sound great but will that result in a body you are pleased with?

Eat Well…. Not Less

Weight loss diets 9/10 times suggest an extremely low calorie goal. Although it is true you need to be in a deficit to lose weight, your metabolic hormones e.g. your thyroid will become down regulated if the deficit is too low. Due to this down regulation, it will mean when you start to eat more food, your body will be burning calories slower and you will gain weight fast. Weight loss plans also do not encourage quality nutrition which is essential for building a physique and maintaining optimal health.

It’s Impossible to Stick to These Plans Long Term

Staying healthy and looking fit requires a long-term change. You must become aware of what food sources you need to maintain a certain look and understand the nutrient density of what you eat. Sticking to a low-calorie plan with basic food sources will be extremely hard to commit to and inevitable end up in failure. You are much better off becoming educated with food, understand exactly what you are putting into your body and what role it is playing on your physique development.

At ONE we create tailored diet plans specific to you and your goals. We understand a sustainable diet is the most effective, so we try and make the process as seamless as possible, including foods you enjoy (within a recommended list) so it doesn’t feel so constricting. From a quick 10-minute body fat modulation we can figure out the calories and macronutrients you need to be on to initiate fat loss and ensure optimal health maintenance.

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