• Joshua Li

How to Find Correct Balance between Life, Fitness, and Diet

There is no denying that the most common excuse we hear often is someone say they have no time for the gym because of a busy schedule. I do not condescend people who say this, however I do take great pleasure in integrating fitness and health into a busy individual’s lifestyle through smart and gradual transitioning for those who really want it.

Understandably schedules can get jam-packed for working professionals, especially in Hong Kong. Therefore, there are some tips that need be considered to avoid elevated stress levels which can effectively halt fat loss.

1. Train in the morning

This may vary from person to person. However, I have found that there is nothing better than going into the gym with a clear mind, and what better time to do this than in the morning. Wake up, have your morning coffee, and go smash the gym and get on with your day with one less thing to think about. It’s the perfect start to the day as you’re already in 5th gear when everyone else out there is only just starting their day.

2. Enjoy the Process

In order to keep something sustainable, it has to have great meaning behind what you’re doing OR you have to enjoy it a lot. Enjoy the fitness process as much as the result, this will get you where you want to be.

3. The Diet

The diet for the majority out there is hands down the hardest thing to get right. There is no such thing as a short term diet, only a long term lifestyle change. So therefore a gradual transition has to be in place. Before starting any sort of diet plan, take a good look at what you are currently eating and think to yourself if it promotes a healthy lifestyle. If not then obviously something needs to change. Transition into smarter choices of food and then start prepping your meals twice a week for convenience.

4. Plan out your week ahead

If you have a training partner or a personal trainer, then lock in fixed times to train with them ahead of the following week. Having your training days written down in your diary will help make this into a normal routine.

5. Do not exclude social activities

Just because you’re on a “strict” routine doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your weekend. It only takes is a few adjustments to the diet plan, and making smart choices when dining out. A healthy balance between fitness and your social life is crucial for achieving a successful lifestyle change.

Want to be the healthiest/leanest version of yourself while not sacrificing what you enjoy? Come in a talk to us and let us help you map this new plan out. Book in to see us in the tabs above.





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