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5 Years vs 90 Days...Here's Erics Story

What was your motivation to start a program at ONE?

I had been training on my own for 4- 5 years with a programme set by myself. I was pleased to gain some muscle in last few years but I wasn't satisfy with the progress near the end of that period. So, I planned to look for some serious training with an experienced and professional trainer.

What was your level of fitness before you started?

My bench press at it's maximum 130 lbs and trained legs occasionally. I certainly had lagging body parts that I wanted to work on more, such as my chest. I was 68kg with body fat percentage around 26%.

What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started?

My breakfast was usually oatmeal, eggs and why protein. I usually dined out for lunch and for dinner, I used to have sandwiches or sometimes chinese congee (with some meat). I consider my job as moderately active as I have duties which involve outdoor inspections. I used to workout 4-5 times per week after work for around 1.5 hours per session.

How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started the process with us?

I started to prepare all of my meals each day. I commited to about 90% of the diet created by Lezlie . I reduced the carbs intake as suggested and started eating more protein and fats. Because it is not easy to have such meals when dining out in Hong Kong, I usually cook my own meals. However, preparing my meals occupied most of my time after work. I reduced my dinning out with friends as I had cook.... I had a physique goal I wanted to achieve, so I really committed to the process for this short time and I'm so glad I did.

What effects did the program have on your general performance, energy levels, and lifestyle?

I considered myself had gained in strength, especially for the lower body. I also started to feel my muscles 'pump' during training which rarely happened when I trained alone. I think this was because I learnt how to execute exercises properly. The programme had large impact on my diet habit and after work social life on weekdays. The transition to low carb diet was fine to get through at the beginning and did not affect my energy level.

How did you manage to fit the training and dieting in during your busy schedule?

I reduced social life and dinner dine out during weekdays. I tried to leave on time from work and get fresh meat and vegetables from the market. Luckily, my job generally allows me to leave on time. I prepared 2-3 days portion packed meals every time so I do not need to cook every day. Training wise I simply locked in a consistent time with Lezlie to train each week (3x per week after work).

What results have you seen so far?

Other than those mentioned above, my weight had dropped around 10 kg, and my body fat has reduced from around 26% to 15%. I look much leaner with a much defined body. I was frustrated at first with my shriking body size, but I am glad it was fat loss and now with my leaner body I am in a better position to start building more muscle.

What do you feel you have learned so far during this process?

I learned the low carbs and keto diet and meal preparations. I also understand the process of cutting and weight reduction. I am now working out with a better form and intensity. Furthermore, I leaned some nice alternative exercise for lower body other than just squating.

Would you recommend ONE and why?

Yes, definitely. Team ONE are passionate on helping their client to build up a healthy lifestyle and better body composition. Their expertise is very evident.

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