• Joshua Li

Find Out How Mat Turned His Life Around

'I've been a gym member for the last 10 years and I just made no progress on my own, if you need that extra push or want to raise your game then ONE is perfect.'

Starting Weight: 77.3KG

Starting Bodyfat: 36.7%

End Weight: 68.4KG

End Bodyfat: 23.5%

What was your motivation to start a program at ONE?

I just didn't like what I was seeing in the mirror or in photos, enough was enough I had to do something different, working out on my own obviously was not working. I knew ONE from Instagram so decided to enquire.

What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started?

I ate whatever I want, when I want and as much as I wanted, usually to the point where I’m stuffed. Fast food, crisps, sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks, anything unhealthy I'm was having it.

What has been your favourite meal so far?

Favourite meal is probably my breakfast, really enjoying the eggs, cheese and ham. I find it quick and easy to make. Also I enjoy the greek yoghurt with a scoop of protein powder and dark chocolate for my mid-afternoon snack. This is a healthy macro friendly take on eating a yogurt and is more filling.

You are working solely for fat loss but has your strength declined?

No, the weights are increasing. Now I understand the exercises and how to perform them as well as how hard I can push, strength has got better compared to lifting on my own. By week 4 I completed bench press for 4 sets of 10: 40/45/45/47.5kg. On my final week I managed 55/55/57.5/60kg!

How has your trainer kept you motivated?

Jon has been awesome, he keeps me motivated by pushing me at the gym when a lot of the times on my own I would have given up when it got tough/tired. Also he is only a whatsap message away when I need advice etc and he checks up on me to make sure my diet is on track. I had my birthday during the training and he even made me a new one day diet plan just so I could enjoy my birthday and not hinder my results.

What's the most noticeable result you have seen so far?

Probably the fat loss. It has come down lots around my stomach and jeans are baggy. Also the definition in chest, arms and shoulders.

What do you feel you have learned during this process?

I'm a lot more aware of what I am eating and just how bad certain foods can be (ie fast food and snacks). I've also learnt a lot about the excercises and how the body works, in the past I would move the weight but not really working the muscle. Jon taught me how to go through the motion and now I love the pumped feeling!

Would you recommend ONE and why?

Yes, I've been a gym member for the last 10 years and I just made no progress on my own, if you need that extra push or want to raise your game then ONE is perfect. With ONE they will push you and educate you on diet and training.

What is your next step?

To keep going and push hard, I've made good progress but I'm still a long way from my goals, but seeing changes in my body definitely motivates me more and keeps me going. I am continuing on with Jon to get abs by summer 2018. I want to build more muscle and lose more fat and I know I will achieve this with Jon.





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