• Joshua Li

4 Reasons You Haven't Reached your Result

95% of the clients that walk through our door are after the same thing….. a fat loss result. Achieving fat loss is often over complicated, when a no-frills method is all that is needed. Fat loss involves nailing down the basics first and then seeking to improve throughout the process, continually challenging yourself with harder variations of your program.

So.... why you aren’t lean?

1. Poor Exercise Selection and not enough intensity

The big compound exercises are famous for a reason…. they are the most effective! Compound exercises such as deadlifts, back squats and overhead presses are multi-joint exercises, using more than one muscle group, meaning in more working being done and more calories expended.

Try supersetting two compound lifts such as a deadlift and chin ups for a 10 rep max each, with onlt 30 seconds rest in between ….. it’s no breeze.

The phrase ‘get out of your comfort zone’ is used regularly and for good reason. If you aren’t working hard enough you won’t achieve the fat loss goal. You can’t achieve a change if you don’t get uncomfortable.

2. Rest Periods

Different goals require different rest periods. If you are going for strength, you will need extra time to let your CNS (central nervous system) to recover. The goal we are aiming towards is fat loss, meaning shorter rest periods, keeping the heart rate up and the calorie expenditure levels high. This doesn’t mean I recommend jumping from one exercise to another with no recovery time. You must find the balance to ensure you keep your heart rate up and allow sufficient recovery to perform the next set well.

When we superset exercises the rest periods might look like this:

A1. Flat Barbell Bench Press 4x8-10

30 seconds rest

A2. Barbell Back Squat 3x8-10

60 seconds rest

Get serious with your training, stick to your rest periods and don’t dither around.

3. Your diet is off

It is well documented that you can’t out train a poor diet. Nutrition is the most important aspect of achieiving a well rounded physique.

New clients often come in and say their diet is ‘pretty good’. I send them away for the next two days to track exactly what they have. It is often flagged up that in between the ‘good choices' are snacks, that add up and have a big effect on the overall daily calorie intake.

Clients often get confused when they ‘eat clean’ but still don’t shift body fat. Eating clean is great and I will always advocate it, but eating too much clean food will still result in fat gain. Just because avocados have health benefits doesn’t mean you have a free pass to have as many as you want and expect to see fat loss results. Physique goals do indeed require good quality food but in moderation in line with your current physical shape.

4. You aren’t recovering properly

Recovery is another important aspect of physique development people often overlook. Recovery is the time for you to relax and allow your body to rebuild. When well rested, you feel alert the following day and can push harder in your next session.

Poor sleep and recovery will result in a higher stress level which will ramp up your cortisol, making it a lot tougher to shave off the excess fat due to the fat inflammation cortisol causes.

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