• Joshua Li

Should Skinny Guys Lose Weight?

People are often afraid that once they start to drop weight they will no longer be able to fill out their shirts, especially for skinnier guys with a goal of typically wanting to look bigger. Well if you are a skinny guy who wants to add on size but weigh 62kg at 22% body fat more popularly known as “skinny fat”, then something isn’t right. By putting on more size at this stage you will be putting on more and more body fat than your body already has.

I will always put my male clients on a fat loss phase if they weigh over 16% body fat, so that when the time comes to add muscle and size, we will have a good solid base to work from where we can pack on muscle and minimize fat gain.

People need to understand that when fat loss is done correctly, body fat will start to drop, and the shape of your muscles will start to emerge which in turn will give you a more aesthetic look. However, losing body fat is not simply eating in a caloric deficit. There are some certain protocols to follow to get the most optimal results;

1. Eat Enough Protein

A sufficient protein intake is the single most important dietary advice one could give if the plan is to preserve muscle while cutting. Losing fat without losing muscle is all about eating enough protein every day. We recommend anywhere between 2-2.5g of protein per kg of body weight per day.

2. Reduce your carb intake

The “skinny fat” look will often be a skinny individual holding too much fat in their mid-section. A low carb diet is going to sensitize insulin receptors, meaning that once you become insulin sensitive, carbs you intake will be stored as glycogen in the muscles rather than stored as fat, giving you a fuller look.

3. Cut body fat on as many calories as possible

It may sound ludicrous but to lose body fat, you will ideally want to eat as much calories as possible while still dropping fat. Dropping your calories too quickly will increase the chances of eating into lean muscle mass. Read our article “Want to Burn More Fat? Eat More Food” for more info.

4. Resistance Training and Progressive Overload

A fat loss phase does not mean sacrificing performance in the gym. Training intensity should still be kept at 100% and lifting heavy will give your muscles a reason to stay. Focus on progressive overload meaning getting better and better in the gym.

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