• Joshua Li

3 Keys to a Transformation


When clients come to me with a transformation goal I tell them it must be a specific goal and that they have to set a deadline. Whether the deadline is a special day such as wedding day or a holiday…. I don’t care unless there is a set timeline. You can’t finish the race if you don’t know where the finish line is.

At ONE we like to arrange photoshoots for our clients at a set date that believe we can reach where the client wants to be. This can be 8, 12 or even 15 weeks…. as long as there is a date in place, this automatically puts their transformation goal higher up their priorities and they will do everything in their power to reach it.

As well as the long term goal, I am a true believer of shorter, small wins. Setting mini targets such a 2% body fat drop within two weeks will keep clients engaged and on track to keep accumulating these small wins. The more engaged they are the more likely they will make continuous progress and reach that overall goal.

‘You can’t finish the race if you don’t know where the finish line is’


You need all the information possible at your disposal to manage a successful transformation. The best transformations clients will track their food every day (using apps such as MyFitness Pal) and log all their weights/reps during training sessions.

Logging your daily diet may feel tedious and sometimes a waste of time, but it reinforces you to be accurate and gives you ownership of the dieting process. As a trainer, having the client input their food data accurately allows me to understand what adjustments we need to make and when to keep up the progress.

Not only is it useful for clients to reinforce their dietary habits, but it also educates them about what food to avoid, what to eat and how much to eat to reach a transformation.


During the transformation process, people tend to get bored of the same training sessions, or fancy mixing up their diets to keep themselves interested. The problem with this is that every time you change something you become a newbie again. I am a firm believer of adopting a training regime and a diet plan, only making small changes every so often to cause an adaptation.

You need to choose a plan, train hard, be committed and results will follow. Programs and diets don’t give you a transformation overnight, so forget the experimenting, be patient and work hard for it…. your day will come.

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