• Joshua Li

I'm finally in the best shape ever

How many years have you been training before coming to ONE?

I have been training many many of years, it's something I have always had interest in.

What does your current training split look like?

Day 1: Chest + Tricep

Day 2: Back + Bicep

Day 3: Shoulder

Day 4: Legs

What is your favourite exercise?

I know what I don't like the most, walking lunges! But I have to say I like working on my deadlift as it includes multiple body parts... I feel I get the most out of deadlifts.

What exercise did you feel stayed strong while you were leaning out?

I was surprised to actually gain strength during cutting phase! My arms kept strength most. I found leg workouts tough and sometimes the weight did not even drop but the effort felt harder and harder. I did know this would happen as I got leaner.

Did you find your diet easy to stick to?

Yes certainly, I have foods given in my diet plan which I can get easy access to! I never cook myself so I had a balance of some home cooked dinners at the weekend with my wife whilst having foods I was told to eat/order. In particular for my post workout carb source, I have a bagel which I like a lot as I like to relax in Starbucks too!

What's your next goal?

To build muscle while maintaining visible abs!

What does Gary's trainer Jon have to say about Gary?

Gary has been great to train, sometimes he's funny and will say it's too heavy. This is when the motivation and energy of being a trainer comes into it, to push him beyond what he believes he can achieve. On the diet front, it has not been as straight forward as I had liked; we are doing a diet which is composed of getting food outside but we do smart choices. Going forward from this cutting phase, we shall keep monitoring his weight and visual look to keep him lean. The next stage will be to manintain his body fat percentage and gain muscle so we have altered his training slightly. His diet will have steady calorie increases if his body handles the changes well without him losing sight of his abs. I look forward to the next few months with Gary - Jon Lee





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