• Joshua Li

How to stay on track while travelling

How many of you struggle to stay on track whilst traveling? Here are some of my tips I give to my clients when they travel overseas, either for business or leisure. Keep in mind these tips are applied to the general population.

Pack your protein

It seems that whilst travelling protein is the hardest to find and fill. It seems that majority of ‘on the go’ food is much lower in protein than it is in carbohydrates and fats. I remind my clients to pack their protein powder, protein bars, bags of nuts, single serving oatmeal and so on. By doing this it allows our body to be eating normal and staying on track.

Bring a food scale

You may get the strangest looks but at the end it works. From experience it is a pain to carry a scale around. Nobody wants to bring a scale out at a restaurant. I find that my clients who don’t bring a scale tend to avoid meals or snacks in fear that they will overestimate. Packing your scale will ensure that you are getting what you need. This also allows my clients to choose better food options, as they aren’t always grabbing something packaged on the go just for assurance of nutrition facts.

Plan ahead, look at the Menu

How often do you look at the menu and have no idea what to order so you don't go too off track?. I enforce my clients to plan ahead and look up online the restaurant menu. Plan, track and log in the dishes (preferably dish) that you will eat. By doing this you will not be worried that you will exceed your daily caloric goals. Another quick advice when ordering is to ask the sauces to be always on the side. This is a handy restaurant trick that is great too limiting excessive caloric intake.





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