• Joshua Li

Adam achieved this result in only 9 weeks

What was your goal when joining ONE Personal Training?

My main goal when joining ONE PT was to reduce body fat and increase energy.

How has the programming varied to your previous training?

The programming for myself was 3 weight training + 3 cardio sessions a week. This was ideal for me as it was easy to manage around my busy work schedule and all workouts could be done within 1 hour max. I have had personal trainers previously where my weight training sessions would be double the amount and I would feel burnt out and my results weren't as good because of this. I would also like to note that Jon paid particular attention to form and educating me on specific lifts that I had already been doing for years - I found this hugely beneficial and will be something that will stay with me for all my future workouts.

What difference has there been in your diet plan compared to previous diets you have tried?

The best thing about the diet was that it was simple and tailored to my likings. Jon outlined the macro/calorie intake suitable for me and would always make changes and keep me informed as my body changed and the weeks progressed. As per the weight training, I found this hugely beneficial and will be something that I incorporate with all my future eating plans.

What have you been most satisfied with in your physique?

The fat loss, lean muscle retention and overall change in my body in a relatively short period of time is what pleased me the most. It far exceeded my expectations and the fact that it is sustainable and something I can continue to build on makes it even better.





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