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We Speak to Senior Trainer, Jon Lee

Quick Stats

Age: 26

3 years Personal Training

Miami Pro UK Champs Top 5

Miami Pro Worlds Junior Top 7

Arnold Classic Asia/Olympia Asia Semi Finalist

How did you get started in fitness?

Growing up in school I was always one of the smallest in my year. Until 16 I was 5ft 2 and weighed just over 9st. I was confident as a kid but just wanted muscles! At one point in high school I would tally my push ups and sit ups. I aimed at reaching 200 reps each per day.

When I could afford gym membership, I would go get the bus everyday after school and train.

I continued training regularly from high school to university and in my final year I made the decision to enter my first competition at the end of the year. This is where it really got going.

What made you become a personal trainer?

I graduated in BSc Mathematics and in my head that was where my career was going to go from the age of 21. Only after a year of working as a production planner I found myself disinterested.

It got to a stage where I only wanted to sit and read online about nutrition, workouts and coaching myself to do competitions.

I felt all this attention, constant interest in body composition that it made sense for me to pursue a career in fitness. That led me to get my qualifications in the U.K.,move to Hong Kong and start work as a Pt.

What is your motivation of being a personal trainer?

Getting clients a transformation is a great feeling. But the real motivation is enforcing habits and change in people’s lifestyles. Its having a positive impact on those lifestyles and seeing them maintain it. If someone has no exercise history and who are sceptical about ways of eating better, what can I do to change that? It’s these people who then come to train with enthusiasm and have changed their lifestyle for the better. That there is the motivation. Making a positive change.

What is your secret to building muscle while staying so lean?

You can’t beat consistency in food. Of course when not competing, I am more laidback but you won’t catch me binge eating all day. I eat 5 times a day where Monday to Friday I prepare 3-4 meals myself and on weekends 2-3. The meals I do buy outside or around work, I still opt for smarter choices with protein being the priority. If I eat out, I don’t count calories as throughout the week my diet is 80-90% clean so that’s my balance. The other 10% usually accounts for burgers, sweets or Ice Cream! There’s training in addition but in short, training should be progressive or stimulating at least.

Best tips for client transformations and why?

  1. Have your goal in writing - Stick up your goal in writing maybe on your bathroom mirror so the goal becomes a daily reminder. Focus on 2-4 weeks and short term goals this is more foreseeable.

  2. See your diet plan - Have your diet plan printed and stuck on your fridge. Again, it’s a daily reminder of your food plan and is far easier to execute.

  3. Be curious about your training - The more knowledge and understanding you have of why you are doing an exercise/workout gives you a reasoning.

  4. Let friends and family know - They can be supportive and also more inclined to help when needed. Eating out can be a hard task but there’s certainly places to eat which can be suitable. If friends and family understand what you are doing, they can understand eating out somewhere suited to you.





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