• Joshua Li

Meet Senior Trainer - Josh Li

Quick Stats

Age: 26

4 years of Personal Training experience

7th Place Arnold Classic Asia (Mens Physique)

Ex International Rugby Player for Hong Kong XV's

How did your journey start in health and fitness?

I have always been massively into sport, growing up in England where it is part of my every day life at school. A huge Man Utd fan since I was very young lead me to football, but not being the most skilled footballer I soon moved over to a more suitable sport, Rugby. I loved the sport immediately and being an early bloomer I enjoyed the physicality of it. As time went on the other boys started to catch up physically, so I then took my first steps into the gym. I always had the drive to be ahead of my competition and tried to be a better athlete each year. Training became a huge part of my life and over 10 years later it's still important as ever.

What made you become a personal trainer?

After graduating at the University of Exeter I followed the norm, attempting to find a job and looking to make waves in London. It certainly wasn't that easy or as glamorous as I imagined. I found myself sitting at a desk, extremely unmotivated and waiting to leave and head to the gym. My passion has and always will be in the health and fitness, so I decided to make the change. I completed my necessary qualifications back home and luckily I was offered a job here out in Hong Kong.

What is your motivation as a personal trainer?

This industry is my passion. I am lucky enough to come into work every day and be surrounded by what I love. I read a lot, always looking to broaden my knowledge, specifically in the body composition field, so I can implement it into mine and my clients training. Beside all of this, seeing a client genuinely excited about their progress week by week gives me even more drive.

Do you have any specific training methods to get your clients in shape?

Every client has a unique body....some may be taller, some wider etc. Every client is unique and for me this uniqueness is the same with their training. There is no one set way of training all clients, instead I find exercises and routines that best match their physique/genetic potential and train them hard.

What are your 3 tips for someone looking to reach their goal physique?

1. The MOST important.... adhere to your diet plans. As we so often hear, you cannot out train a poor diet.

2. Train with intensity and always look to be better than you were in the previous session (reps and reps completed, load lifted)

3. Keep track of everything you are doing, whether that is tracking your diet daily (useful for adherence) or logging in your weights training sessions. Being as accurate as possible will give you the best chance to advance with your physique faster.





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