• Joshua Li

Are you wasting your money on supplements?

There are hundreds of supplement companies around the world selling ‘revolutionary’ products that just aren’t worth your money. Many of us are fooled by the intelligent marketing schemes and end up wasting our cash on supplements that will not provide any benefit at all. We regularly see products such as fat burners in the limelight, promising incredible results within record time, unfortunately these products will never prevail. The best investment you can make is the food you buy and ensuring you understand how to execute a diet plan in line with your goals. Good quality food will always be king, but with that being said there are three supplements which I believe have a place in certain scenarios.

1. Whey Protein Powder

Although not essential, whey protein certainly has its place when it comes to convenience. I will always advise clients to get their protein from whole foods, but many of them will struggle to adhere to their daily protein target, which is imperative when trying to build a physique. When this is the case I recommend clients supplement with a good whey protein powder. My advice is to pick a reputable brand such a Dynamatize or Reflex. Remember, the better it tastes doesn’t always mean the better the quality.

Top 4 Key Benefits of Whey Protein:

An excellent protein source

Suppresses appetite

Promotes muscle growth

Improves heart function

Supplement recommendation: 100% Whey by Reflex Nutrition

2. Greens Powder

Vegetables provide nutrients crucial for health and maintenance of your body, but again like protein, many clients find it hard to reach the adequate amount of vegetables in to their daily meals. Some clients simply struggle to get them in and some just don’t like green vegetables at all. As veggies provide such important nutrients to the body, I would rather my clients to get these nutrients from a greens powder rather than not at all.

Top 4 Key Benefits of Greens Powder:

Improves gut health

Fights inflammation


Stabilises blood sugar

Supplement recommendation: Wellness Greens by Poliquin

3. Omega-3 Fish Oils

When new to a diet, many clients may not be able to get all the essential fatty acids they need. It’s not easy to change diets so drastically and start to include Salmon, Walnuts, Almonds, Coconut Oil, it is a big shift in nutrition. My advice for beginners would be to keep food choices you like and supplement with a good Omega-3.

Top 4 Key Benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil:

Reduces inflammation

Lowers cortisol levels

Cognitive function

Improves heart function

Supplement recommendation: Ultimate Omega by Nordic Naturals





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