• Joshua Li


1. Using too much weight.

Stacking on weights that you can not handle isn't cool. You are not impressing anyone and everyone in the gym room is looking at you not because they think you're amazingly strong but thinking what the hell is this guy doing. Drop the weights and don't lift with your ego! Using too much weight can also lead to injured muscles and joints.

2. Not moving through a full range of motion (ROM).

A full ROM is the full movement potential of a joint, usually its range of flexion and extension. For example; while performing a bench press, full ROM is from your elbows are fully extended (but not locked) to lowering the bar all the way down touching your chest. It's important to go through a full ROM so your muscles are getting a complete workout. Concentrate on stretching and contracting your muscles in every exercise. Otherwise, you're only cheating yourself and fooling yourself into thinking you can lift more than you're really able to.

3. Improper form and improperly performing an exercise.

Using improper form will likely lead to injury or nothing at all. One common examples is watching people do "pull ups" that go half way down or what I call partial pull ups. Instead of going all the way down getting the stretch in your lats, many people just go 90 degree angle and back up. You are pretty much not working anything at all.

If you can afford it invest in a personal trainer or ask anyone in the gym who is more experienced for advice. Nothing wrong with asking a question than to look ridiculously silly.

4. Forgetting about nutrition.

Nutrition is everything in the gym whether your goal is to build muscle or lose unwanted body fat. You can work your butt off in the gym be training 7 times a week, using the best form and with the best workout plan but unless your nutrition is sound and tailored to your specific goals you will not get anywhere. Training and nutrition go hand in hand. One can not succeed without the other!

5. Do not neglect training legs.

So often I see guys in the gym with well built upper bodies and toothpick chicken legs. Not only does it look funny (and really it looks really funny) but it also keeps these type of guys from reaching their full potential. Your legs are the largest muscle in your body and produce the most testosterone and have the ability to spike metabolism, but that's only if you train them. Start training your legs!!

There you have it, my top 5 tips you should look out for as a beginner in the gym. Not only will this advice help you reach your goals quicker but it will prevent you from any injuries that potentially would have occurred.





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